More Than Just Food

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Making the Choice Simple

Magic Tokri Simply is a platform that helps our customers meet the growing consumer demand for dietary and lifestyle choices.

Delivering a Better Tomorrow

Magic Tokri launches our 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

At the Heart of Food and Service

Magic Tokri variety of companies offer specialty produce, custom-cut meats, gourmet imports, supplies, and resources as unique as your business.

Save Time

Instantly compare prices for the products you buy and place your order to all of your vendors with one click .

Save Money

When Magic Tokri displays lower prices by price per unit, you can make smart decisions and save money.

Discover New Products

With Magic Tokri Smart Search you can easily discover new products when it’s convenient for you.

All in One

Magic Tokri is an online mobile and web application
that allows businesses to order wholesale restaurant supplies
from a network of dedicated regional suppliers.

Prices are Better Together

Join our community of hundreds of local buyers, where suppliers compete for your hard earned dollars.Our collective buying power helps you save across all the items you need!

Stress-Free Ordering

Throw away the clipboard! Save time by ordering everything your business needs in one place from your phone or laptop. Review or pay past orders & invoices anytime, anywhere.

One-Stop Shop

Search our extensive product list, compare prices, and get customized suggestions on thousands of items from local suppliers.Trying out a new product or vendor is just a click.



Ditch the pen and paper!

Easy Price Comparison

We will build your digital order guide for you in the exact same order as your current in-house order guide with the products you currently purchase. Don't have an in-house order guide? Let us build one for you with standard foodservice sections and alphabetize each section for you! From there, let Magic Tokri do the rest as it shows you real time pricing of identical products, similar substitutions, and other available pack sizes that you can substitute and order with the click of a button. Saving money has never been easier.

Save Time Through Multi-Vendor Ordering

Get back to doing what you love in the kitchen and stop wasting hours per week on the phone placing orders and checking prices. With Magic Tokri, everything you need to place your orders is all in one place.

Track Products

Magic Tokri tracks your specific price for every product you purchase over time so you can keep up with market fluctuations and keep food costs down.

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